1. Who is eligible to register in the Sushi Miles loyalty program? The Sushi Miles loyalty program is only available to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia who are 18 years of age or older when they register in the program. Sushi Zushi employees are not eligible to join the Sushi Miles loyalty program

2. How do I register for the Sushi Miles loyalty program? In order to register as a “Member” of the Sushi Miles loyalty program, you must visit, enter your Sushi Miles card number, create user name and password, provide Sushi Zushi, Inc. (“SZ”) with your name, date of birth, email address, address, phone or mobile number, and favorite store.

3. How do I earn Sushi Miles? Members earn “Sushi Miles” by making qualifying purchases at SZ restaurants; Sushi Miles will not be earned for any taxes, gratuities paid, purchases of gift cards, e-gift cards, merchandising, or alcoholic beverages, or for purchases made with Sushi Miles.

4. How does the Sushi Miles loyalty program work? $1 spent = 1 Sushi Mile earned. For every 200 Sushi Miles earned in qualifying purchases, a Member will receive $10 redeemable upon the next visit.

5. How do I redeem Sushi Miles rewards? Sushi Miles rewards may be redeemed for food and non-alcoholic beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages) sold at SZ restaurants. They may not be redeemed for purchases of gift cards, e-gift cards, tax, gratuity, cash or merchandising. Members may redeem more than one $10 Sushi Mile Reward for a single purchase. Sushi Miles may not be redeemed during the same visit in which the redemption rate is reached.

6. Can I earn and redeem Sushi Miles for take-out and delivery online orders? Yes Sushi Miles can be earned and redeemed for both take-out and delivery online orders.

7. Does my Sushi Miles loyalty card ever expire or close? No.

8. What if I have a questions about the Sushi Miles loyalty program? Contact Sushi Miles Support at